Best Newest Superhero Records


It is a terrible decision regardless of why today we are counting down the best newest superhero records. These records all take place in the last few years and we are going an order from oldest to newest. Although our number one spot kind of fudge is it a bit and scored the top spot because of its impact that it’s made on that specific comic book universe.

Best Newest Superhero Records

10 Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

I mean I actually doesn’t really need it anymore now does she well fear not friends it wasn’t reckoned out of existence. So who loved her jet yet in 2018 s Dark Knight’s Medal issue 5 Wonder Woman’s invisible jet got. A brand new origin story the Batman who laughs shot Wonder Woman with a bullet that was made out of earth metal a weaker derivative of knights metal which played an important role. In this story anyway as she is lying there it’s all shot and stuff he goes onto the pill and his tangent in which he says I quote the bullets are made of eight metal same as your invisible jet. If you have that on this earth now he’s from an alternate earth in the dark multiverse known as Earth negative 22. So that bit there in case you haven’t read the series initially when the jet was introduced in 1941 Diana had built it herself. But that was reckoned to of being a semis sentient crystalline organism that was capable of thought and shape-shifting. Now it’s made out of 8th metal so there you have it moving on to.

9 The Mutant Timeline

In 2018 the relaunch of Avengers spearheaded by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness introduced a fresh start get it only the Fresh Start initiative. It reckons the mutant timeline now according to this wreck on the first appearance of mutant kind occurred in 1 million BC. An Avengers issue one AGGA moto reveals that the mutants have existed from that point in time which would predate apocalypse and the externals. So that’s something to think about apocalypse was considered to be the first mutant like that the mutant daddy of them all. I kind of regret saying that this wreak on was a bit of an interesting switch considering that. During this time period Marvel was concerned with pushing certain heroes stories forward in time and order sadi aged more of them. There’s also an additional record in that issue where it stated that Steve Rogers had been trapped in ice. For the first 40 Super Bowls which would roughly place his D thawing between February of 2006 and February of 2007.

8 Jason Todd’s Dad

In Redwood and the outlaws issue 23 from 2018 Jason Todd the second Robin who met a tragic fate and was resurrected. Eventually becoming Red Hood got a bit of a wreck on in terms of his family history. Now it was revealed in the issue that Jason’s father Willis who was always a criminal had actually worked with several Batman’s foes. In Batman’s rogues gallery which likely further complicated things emotionally for Jason when becoming the Dark Knight’s young Ward now prior to this Jason’s father was a petty thief who had abandoned his son and his wife. Jason’s mother Sheila who was a drug addict Willis was believed to have had been murdered in retaliation for double-crossing two-faced. Now in this issue though jason has given letters from his father that paint us a picture of a man who turned to crime in order to help his family and help his wife. Kick her drug habit and he’s got the scars to prove it including a Batarang shaped.

7 The Ant Man And The Wasp’s Abuse Storyline

So the first initiative also brought forth a new volume of ant-man and a wasp and issue 1 from 2018 so to readjust the past turmoil between Janet Van Dyne and Hank Pym or at least kind of smother it. In the past and not make us think about it we’re specifically talking about the white bleeding comic. The Avengers issue 213 from 1981 in which hank beats Janet when she tries to question his intentions 1981 was not a good year for Hank or the years before that either his Hank is that. I got a rough time in the silver Bronze Age people he had gone schizophrenic and became the yellow jacket persona got court-martialed by the avengers after senselessly beating a foe. Who had surrendered and then concocted a plan to get their approval and fix things. Jana was like sorry what and then tried to reason with him so instead he back cancer and sends her flying let’s say that in any MCU film that’s for sure. So when the 2018 ant-man in the lost issue one their origin story and love story is recounted but the abuse is blatantly left out replaced with they shared a love so bright it shame the stars.

6 Captain Marvel’s Origin Story

The life of Captain Marvel issue 3 also a 2018 release reckoned part of Carol Danvers origin story Carol’s origin usually plays out like this she was a fighter pilot in the Air Force befriended marvel. The original Captain Marvel and on one mission that she assisted him with a device called the psyche magnetron blew up. Carol’s nearby it and she ends up getting her DNA spliced with Marvel’s making her a half creep now the retcon. You can download free movies on Moviehustle in HD print quality. So after Carol takes a bit of a leave after going full-blown all in on a super villain she goes back to her family and Harpswell name there things continue to go downhill her brother lands in a coma. And she finds a bunch of love letters written by her father to another woman who was not her mom a little startling there with the letters she also finds a hidden beacon and accidentally activates it. Which sends a creek lone warrior to earth with the intention of killing Carol or so we think here’s the twist. Though the clone actually wasn’t after Carol it was seeking out her mom Marie Danvers who was then revealed that issue to be a pre warrior connect-the-dots they’re my friends she was a Kree all along right.

5 Firestorm

Finally getting it to 2019 now Doomsday Clock issue nine decide to mess with an origin story too we’re talking in DC as firestorm. Jordan’s story also spoilers for Doomsday Clock we’re talking about it a bit more on this list. So that’s up issue 9 features Dr. Manhattan pinch up and that includes firestorm the ends of taking the character down memory lane seven years prior. So the initial origin story for firestorm is that student Ronnie Raymond and physics professor Dr. Martin Stein are merged together when the Hudson nuclear power plant explodes. Thanks to a terrorist attack now the retcon Dr. Manhattan allows Ronnie to spy on Stein moments prior to the explosion. And it is revealed that the exposure wasn’t actually a terrorist attack. It was an attack set up by Stein in order to fuse himself with Ronnie so that Stein could fully understand metahumans. I quote what better way to learn about these metahumans than from the inside stuff moving back to Marvel.

4 Original Sin

In 2019 cosmic Ghost Rider was all the rage easy to see why he’s an amalgamation between the Punisher Ghost Rider and technically the Silver Surfer. But not really because he becomes Galactus Herald and just has all those Silver Surfer powers anyway a series called cosmic Ghost Rider destroys Marvel history was released. And in issue six of that series it implies the cosmic Ghost Rider interfered with one of the publishers major and highly disliked story arcs original sin. So long story short cosmic Ghost Rider’s story reveals a lot of beef between him and the watcher. Now by the time original sin rolls around it is revealed that this version of Frank Castle killed the watcher rather than Nick Fury. While this doesn’t change much in the grand scheme of how things played out after original sin. It does make you feel pretty terrible for fury considering the fate that he was dealt with in the aftermath of that story.

3 Legion of Super-heroes

The Legion of super-heroes which got a new series from DC in August of 2019 established a brand new continuity for the teenage group of heroes setting them from the 31st century. Now they were introduced by travelling to Prez des and attempting to convince Superman’s son John Kent to join their team informing him that he’s responsible for the formation of the United planets. In the 21st century the Legion of super-heroes had received many a reboot in its time. The first iteration debuted in adventure comics issue 247 in 1958 and would be retcon during zero hour in 1994 and again in 2004 and again in 2007. It’s a lot of retconning I mean you’re right kind of team that much you can’t. I got a question more about the team than you know maybe coming up with new stories for said team someone’s got to give their.

2 Marvel and The Vietnam War

Kind of send the scene right I mean retconning of whole war Wow in August of 2019 in history of the Marvel Universe issue 2 that super duper bolt so before we dive into this let’s familiarize ourselves with the tournament sliding timescale. Sliding timescale is when a publisher adjust the time frame of their continuity in order to keep their heroes who rarely aged active first certain amount of time imagine. If Batman’s timescale was accurate he’d be almost like a century old another example of this is how Captain America was thought out around a decade ago rather than in 1963. Which we did mention earlier on her list. I mean it could post changes to his personality but that’s another list for another day but some characters are rooted in a specific time period like Frank Castle. He’s a Vietnam vet not so easy to adjust that right well Marvel decided to invent a new war. In order to adjust their time skills proportionally and not lose the thematic impact that those events previously had. So instead the Vietnam War. There’s a Sinkin conflict now a bunch of characters who were present in the six now have an altered past in which they were involved. In this war during castle James Rhodes Ben Grimm Reed Richards were all involved in the San Khan war.

1 DC’s Dr. Manhattan

The fact that flash did not create the new 52 and other stuff with Doomsday Clock so we’re returning to Doomsday Clock issue 9 here but also the entire Doomsday Clock series really. So in issue 7 of that series Dr. Manhattan who is now a full-blown part of the mainstream DC universe. Because dear God they need to stop trying to milk Watchmen and just let it be sorry personal opinion there we learned that there is an occurrence that has had a significant impact on the current DC at continuity turns out. Manhattan has been meddling a lot in the DC universe he prevented Alan Scott from becoming the first Green Lantern. Therefore started a butterfly effect that also affected the Legion of super-heroes that we mentioned earlier it’s because of that record from a publishing standpoint. By the way and dr. Manhattan was the one who caused the new 52 to happen not the flash. Dr. Manhattan was the architect behind the rebirth retcon as well it goes so much deeper than that.


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